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Moving Announcements

Moving Announcements

You’re on the move and you are ready to announce your next adventure to family and friends. Officially Invited's affordable moving invitations are the perfect way to share your news in a stylish and fun way. You may even decide to include a date for an open house along with your new address and telephone number. From pairings of houses in geometric shapes with vibrant colors to sets of keys with your details, you will find something that fits right here.

A moving van speeding down the highway and a fella pushing his gal on boxes are a couple of comical ways to spread the news of your move. Boasting bright colors and plenty of room for your particulars, humorous announcements will give your friends and family a chuckle while keeping them abreast of your new location. Perhaps you would like to include a special date for an open house; these horizontal and vertical announcements offer extra space for a special welcome.

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Paint Cans Invitation

Moving Boxes Invitation

New Address Invitation

New Keys Invitation

Moving Truck Invitation

We've Moved Invitation

Moving Invitation

Change of Address Invitation

Moved Announcement

Lime/White Ivy Lattice Invitation

Hot Pink/White Ivy Lattice Invitation

Navy/White Ivy Lattice Invitation

Charcoal/White Ivy Lattice Invitation

Chocolate/Saddle Damask Invitation

Brown Florid Border Invitation

Taupe Vines Invitation

Brown Leaf Pattern Invitation

Chocolate Woven Pattern Invitation

Gold Fancy Scroll Invitation

Aqua Wild Flowers Invitation

Lime Dots and Black Cross Hatch Invitation

Brown Cross Hatch and Blue Paisley Invitation

Orange Giraffe and Pink Paisley Invitation

Leopard and Pink Paisley Invitation

Aqua/Moss Damask Floral Invitation

Blue/Green/Brown Stripe Invitation

Black Florid Border Invitation

Photo/Invite Black Swirls Invitation

Aqua Dots Invitation

Hottie Flowers Invitation

Hot Pink Floral Paisley with Lime Dotted Stripes Invitation

White Poppy with Yellow on Lime Flood Invitation

Lime/Chocolate Scalloped Dots Invitation

Hot Pink Floral Batik with Lime Flood Invitation

Lime Graphic Lily with Light Blue Flood Invitation

Keys Invitation

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Get super creative and select a set of keys or a house filled with all of the must haves, including kitchen tools, living and dining room accessories and plants in the yard, to present your new address and phone number. Our artisans have paired creative styles with exciting colors such as coral, teal, green and orange for a unique presentation. 

If you’ve just married we have some special looks for you. Moving invitations for newlyweds include a scene boasting a woman, wearing a smashing black dress and her veil, surrounded by boxes filled with wedding gifts, or one of a more serious couple wearing their sunglasses and today’s trendiest fashions while sipping cocktails. Everyone who attended your wedding will be so glad you are getting settled and setting up your new home. It’s a wonderful way to let them know you will be placing that fine crystal vase from your great aunt, Maude, front and center in your living room.

Have your selected moving invitation personalized with all of your details. Cheap moving announcements will arrive ready to slip into an envelope, address, and drop right in the mail to almost everyone in your address book. They will be excited to stop by and see your new place, and you will have a little extra time to plan for friends and family to come over. Once you’ve announced your move, you will want to come back and check out Officially Invited for a swanky housewarming invitation.

Customer Testimonials

Using the website was easy and the invitations came just as I wanted, beautiful!!
Laura March 10, 2018

Turn around time was very fast and the finished product was gorgeous!
Brenda M March 10, 2018

Loved the invites. Love ❤️ this company.
Melanie B. March 04, 2018

Invitations arrived a day early! They are beautiful and I've already received several compliments on them!
Lisa C from Katy, TX March 04, 2018

Wonderful to work with. We loved the invitations. I will definitely use them again!
Jen March 04, 2018