Cheap Baby Shower Invitations

Cheap baby shower invitations do not have to result in something that does not have a quality look. Officially Invited offers an array of shower invitations available for less than $1.00 each. You will be amazed as you peruse our collections and find many of invitations fall under your planned budget. Many of our top designers, including Paper So Pretty present motifs that speak to your keen eye for style and knack for finding a deal.

Mom will be overjoyed when she sees the invitation you chose just for her. She’ll never know these are cost-friendly announcements as they don’t look like cheap baby shower invitations. In fact, she’ll be convinced you spent top dollar to make her baby shower welcome extra special. She will be sure to place your invitation front and center in the baby book and may even frame it for display on the nursery wall. Your baby shower invitation will undoubtedly remind her of how loved she is and what a wonderful friend you are to take such care to choose the right announcement. 

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Choo Choo on Blue Invitation

Girl Cupcake Onesie Invitation

Baby Boy Cribs Shower Invitation

Brown Bow on Pink Giraffe Invitation

Orange Bow on Pink Dots Invitation

Brown Bow on Pink Gingham Invitation

Brown Bow on Orange Paisley Invitation

Brown Bow on Blue Gingham Invitation

Black Bow on Blue Damask Invitation

Baby Girl Cribs Shower Invitation

Black Bow on Pink Damask Invitation

Baby Shower Girl Invitation

Baby Boy Umbrella

Blue Baby Bottle Baby Shower Invitation

Girl Diaper Bag Invitation

For Baby Multi Gift Girl Invitation

Baby Trinkets Invitation

Baby Shower Umbrella Invitation

Girl Crib Invitation

Boy Crib Invitation

Pink Stork Invitation

Multi Stork Invitation

Baby Girl Clothes Line Invitation

Baby Boy Clothes Line Invitation

Girl Changing Table Invitation

Boy Changing Table Invitation

Pink Rattle Invitation

Blue Rattle Invitation

Pink Buggy Invitation

Blue Buggy Invitation

Light Blue Florid Border Invitation

Light Pink Florid Border Invitation

Hottie Floral Invitation

Light Pink Dots and Yellow Paisley Invitation

Pink/Brown Floral and Brown Cross Hatch Invitation

Light Pink and Brown Polka Dots Invitation

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You can say “goodbye” to the days of being forced to choose from limited designs of cheap baby shower invitations at your local drug store or party center. Let your imagination run wild as you shop our collections. Think about Mom’s personal style or the décor, colors and theme she has chosen for her baby’s room. Ideas will abound and you may find yourself inspired to create an entire baby shower theme based off of your invitation selection. Quirky, fun chalkboard motifs could result in mini blackboards for place card holders or jars filled with candies and each guest’s name written in chalk as a party favor.

Go totally classic and choose pastels and antique baby carriages. Make each guest a tiny bouquet of Forget Me Nots and tie them with blue, pink or yellow bows. Add a handy tag and these favors double place cards. Not only will Mom “ooh” and “ahh,” but her friends and family will also share in the excitement. Get ready to go down in the history books as the best baby shower planner ever. Just think, Mom may even press your handcrafted, tiny bouquet into the baby book. It’s so sweet, she may just shed a tear thinking about it.

Your savvy planning skills are fully supported at Officially Invited. Our gracious, friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help. Got questions? Simply give us a call and we will gladly assist you in choosing the right invitation and navigating our straightforward personalization system. You will be so glad you abandoned the idea of drug store invitations and made a selection at Officially Invited.