Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Officially Invited is your go-to for the best of bridal shower invitation ideas. You’ve stopped at the right place and we are here to help you choose an invite that is on par with overall wedding theme and the bride’s personality. Our designers are some of the most talented in the industry and each of them has contributed styles to this collection that will spark your creativity and maybe inspire your entire celebration theme. Open your heart and your mind to the endless possibilities here at Officially Invited. We know you will enjoy this journey and find an invitation that fills the bridal shower bill.

Classic elegance is always a lovely way to welcome guests and sits atop the bridal shower invitation ideas list. Imagine the gorgeous, intricate style of damask in silver, gold or any of one of hundreds of beautiful colors. The exquisite look of this timeless classic is fitting for most bridal showers. Floral prints and patterns also play into more traditional themes and you will find buds and blooms all over the Officially Invited bridal line. Flowers can be displayed in ornate vases, boasting hand drawn flourishes, adorning the corners of the layout or set as a screen in the background. Choosing invitations bearing these lasting looks will surely complement your theme.

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Holiday Nest

It's a Wrap Christmas Invitation


She's in the Clouds

My Lovely Day in Purple

Pretty White Bow on Blue

My Lovely Day

Mason Jar with Flowers Bridal Shower Invitation

Mason Jar Lanterns Invitation

Country Charm

Here Comes The Bride Wedding Shower Invitation With Ribbon

Beautiful Silhouette Bridal Shower Invitation

Wood Grain Monogram Invitation

Flowering Showering

Patterned Yes to the Dress

Bridal Gown & Bouquet Blue Invitation

Sweet Breeze

Bridal Shower Laurels

Everything Bride Invitation

Darling Damask Blue Invitation

Pretty Beautiful

Banded Together

Bridal Cake

Cherry Rain

Darling Damask Pink Invitation

Bridal Shower Chalkboard Invitation

Mason Moss

Yes to the Dress

Bridal Dress Invitation

Destination Bride

Flowering Love

Vintage Gown Pink Invitation

Kitchen Shower Invitation

Bride Blue Invitation

Couples Shower Invitation

Noveau Jour Crimson Invitation

Holiday Bride Invitation

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Modern and exciting bridal shower invitation ideas can range from festive and fun to chic and sassy. Bold patterns and bright colors come together on designs featuring styles that are on par with today’s hottest trends. Look to the clean styling of a chevron pattern in one color, or two, or five, for that matter. When paired with bands of color, this print is ideal for the contemporary bride’s celebration. You may also consider layouts that focus in on scenes with a bride as the star. Maybe she is buried beneath a pile of presents or showing off her gown, these motifs are sure to make your guest of honor feel special. She will know you have paid attention to her love of fashion.

Themed showers that focus on the household, such as the kitchen, can be a ton of fun. Bridal shower invitations that highlight the quirkier side of the party really shine when presented in vintage style. Check out arrangements showcasing clusters of kitchen appliances, dishes, glassware and utensils. These are great symbols that will get guests thinking about what the bride will need for her culinary sanctuary once she is a wife. While we are on the concept, vintage invitations are a marvelous choice for the bride who loves the look of days gone by. From antique inspired gowns to mid-century style patterns, retro style abounds in our bridal line.