Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

If you are on the lookout for baby shower invitation ideas, you have come to the right place. Officially Invited has gathered a group of designers who have created some sensational invitations that will spark your imagination and inspire you to create a memorable baby shower. Mom will be so impressed with your knack for creating one-of-a-kind events that she will be asking for your advice for Baby’s birthdays and milestones. You’ll know you can come right back to Officially Invited for party essentials.

Our top designers, including Bonnie Marcus, Modern Posh, Picture Perfect and San Lori have employed the tools of their trade to provide you the best of baby shower invitation ideas. Imagine vibrant colors printed on luxurious papers, watercolor finishes on tea stained stock or classic pastels set against whimsical patterns. You will find all of those and so much more in our baby shower collections. Whether you’ve chosen a theme or are in search of something unique and special for Mom, we have it here. You will find yourself having a great time planning this wonderful event.

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Blue Baby Buggy Baby Shower Invitation

Colorful Pink Pram Baby Shower Invitation

Girl Stroller Baby Shower Invitation

Boy Stroller Baby Shower Invitation

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Baby Girl Buggies Baby Shower Invitation

Pink Buggy Invitation

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Baby Girl Carriage Invitation

Baby Boy Carriage Invitation

Colorful Blue Pram Baby Shower Invitation

Pink Baby Buggy Baby Shower Invitation

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Baby Shower Calligraphy Pink

Baby Shower Calligraphy Blue

Hopscotch Baby

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Baby shower invitation ideas for girls can include a host of traditional, whimsical and contemporary styles. Start with Mom’s hopes for her shower and look to her personal style or the nursery décor for a few hints. Invitations boasting crowns and jewels for the little diva are always a win, while vintage pieces featuring scenes with an antique baby carriage beneath a tree filled with delicate spring blooms celebrate the softer side of femininity. Whichever route you take, the destination will always be straight to Mom’s heart with a baby shower invitation that makes her smile.

For the boys, our designers have created motifs that showcase everything from planes and jungle animals to ships at sea. Traditional boy shower invitations often feature toys or animals and we have a look for you to love. Planes presented in vibrant primary colors catch the eye, while safari friends frolicking through a pastel jungle remind us of the simplicity of childhood. Mom will look to you to help her decide what fits her boy best. She may even like to sail away with a nautical theme presented in modern style with a navy and white chevron accented by a hint of rich gold. There’s no doubt you will find something fitting here at Officially Invited.

When you’ve made your final selection, simply click the personalize button and enter your text, be it a poetic welcome or an announcement leaning toward the lighter side of life. Invitations will arrive ready to pop right into envelopes, address and drop at the post office for expedited delivery to Mom’s friends and family. She will always remember the wonderful baby shower you planned from invitation to celebration.