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Baby Religious Occasion Invitations

Baby Religious Occasion Invitations

You are so blessed to have a new little one in the house and the time has come to schedule his or her baptism or christening. Officially Invited designers have created a wide range of charming cards which are just perfect for a baby religious occasion. These lovely motifs are crafted to represent you, your family and your faith in traditional colors with hints of modern design elements. Whether you prefer an arrangement bursting with the opulence of days gone by or a progressive look, we have something very special just for you and your family.

Many of our traditional arrangements feature simple crosses embellished with filigree and harlequin patterns in an array of delicate colors. Soft pinks, blues, lavender and earthy shades of brown make these an exceptional for a presentation of baptismal information details. Offered in tea length, horizontal and vertical layouts, the choices for a classic look are truly endless.

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Taupe Filigree Cross Invitation

Blue Filigree Cross Invitation

Pink Filigree Cross Invitation

Eastern Cross Invitation

Communion Pink Invitation

Communion Blue Invitation

Pink Debut Invitation

Blue Debut Invitation

Filigree Cross Blue Invitation

Filigree Cross Pink Invitation

Golden Cross Invitation

Damask Cross Blue Invitation

Classic Cross Blue Invitation

Classic Cross Pink Invitation

Pink Cross with Diamond Pattern Invitation

Pink Cross with Tile Pattern Invitation

Blue Cross with Diamond Pattern Invitation

Blue Cross with Tile Pattern Invitation

Pewter Cross with Iron Scroll Pattern Invitation

Black Cross with Iron Scroll Pattern Invitation

White Gown on Pink Christening Invitation

Vintage Gown Christening Invitation

Etched Cross Blue

Etched Cross Pink

Simple Cross Pink

Simple Cross Blue

Holy Communion Pink

Laurel Cross Pink Invitation

Pink Cross

Blue Cross

Laurel Cross Blue Invitation

Pink Cross Invitation

Blue Cross Invitation

Pewter Cross Invitation

Fancy Cross Pink Invitation

Fancy Cross Blue Invitation

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For today’s modern family, we have an abundance of motifs boasting bold stripes, damask and buds and blooms paired with a chevron print. Imagine a rainbow of colors such as rich pink, shades of blue, warm grey and white mixed with combinations of prints; add bands of tiny dots on solid colors or vintage frames around your text for a classy look that is in the now. Unforgettable in every way, these christening invitations will surely get your guests’ attention.

The timeless look of artisan crafted, vintage arrangements are wonderful for christening and baptism ceremonies. Antique inspired designs are an exquisite choice for families of all denominations. Hand drawn christening gowns on tea stained backgrounds are a charming way to present all of the most important baby religious occasion information. These sweet pieces will be a lovely addition to the baby book.

All of Officially Invited’s christening invitations provide ample space for sharing the most important event details, including ceremony and reception locations and start times, the name of the church, and of course, the names of Baby’s godparents. Take a moment to glance at our christening invitations. These exceptional cards are designed to match your choice of invitation. Ordering a complete package will save you lots of time, and make it easy for you to share a note of gratitude with all who attended this milestone in your child’s life. When all is said and done, we are glad to provide you with fitting invitations, thank you cards, stationery and personalization services for Baby’s baptism.

Customer Testimonials

Using the website was easy and the invitations came just as I wanted, beautiful!!
Laura March 10, 2018

Turn around time was very fast and the finished product was gorgeous!
Brenda M March 10, 2018

Loved the invites. Love ❤️ this company.
Melanie B. March 04, 2018

Invitations arrived a day early! They are beautiful and I've already received several compliments on them!
Lisa C from Katy, TX March 04, 2018

Wonderful to work with. We loved the invitations. I will definitely use them again!
Jen March 04, 2018